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Hi I'm Mrs Wilcox, the Little Hoots Nursery class teacher 

Our topic this term is 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'

This term we will be looking at things that have paws, claws and whiskers. Through stories, experiences and play actvities we will be finding out about dinosaurs, farm animals, wild animals, birds, animals we have as pets, baby animals and storyland animals. We will be looking at where they live, what they eat, how they move. and how we can care for them and their environments. 

Little Hoots' Super Six

What is the Little Hoots'Super Six?

The 'Little Hoots Super Six' are six picture books and six nursery rhymes which are carefully chosen to support the children in exploring our termly theme. By the end of the academic year our termly 'Super Six' will have supported the children in accessing and exploring 36 quality texts and 36 different nursery rhymes/songs. 

This Terms Super Six Books are:                                                 This Terms Super Six Nursery Rhymes:

Mr Wolf's Pancakes - Jan Fearnley                                              I'm a little teapot                                        

The Dinosaur Department Store - Lily Murray                             A Dinosaur went stomping                

The Tiger who came to tea - Judith Kerr                                     Old MacDonald had a farm

What the Ladybird heard - Julia Donaldson                                 Old MacDonald's vet song

Dear Zoo - Rod Campbell                                                              Sleeping Bunnies               

The Odd Egg - Emily Gravett                                                       Down in the Jungle 

Termly Knowledge Organisers

Useful Websites:

Simple fun activites for children from newborn to five


Tiny Happy People is here to help you develop your child's communication skills. Explore our simple activities and play ideas and find out about their amazing early development


Top-tips, online books and activities to support early reading


Your first stop for information about children's communication



"Children are made readers in the laps of their parents and carers" - Emilie Buchwald

Just 10 minutes of reading to your child everyday can help your child grow into a happy, confident learner. 

Follow this link for some useful information about reading with your child. 


For Top Tips on how fostering a love of reading, have a look at this docmuent produced by Book Trust

To help find the best books to read with your child, follow this link for the Book Trust's list of the best books for 0-5 year olds. 



Pre-School and Nursery Phonics focuses on pre-reading skills. These are speaking and listening skills, being able to distinguish the sounds they hear, patterns of speech and speech sounds. Level One Phonics is split into seven aspects, we plan large and small group actvities to support the children in practicing skills from each aspect. 

Aspect One - Environmental Sounds

Aspect Two - Instrumental Sounds 

Aspect Three - Body Percussion 

Aspect Four - Rhythm and rhyme

Aspect Five - Alliteration 

Aspect Six - Voice Sounds 

Aspect Seven - Blending and Segmenting 

Further information about each aspect and actvities you can do at home will be shared on your child's Tapestry account. 


Little Hoots Daily Routine

Once upon a time... (Spring Term 1)

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