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International School Award


We are delighted to have been awarded the British Council's International School Award in recognition of our international work in school.  This is an award we are proud to have held from 2010-2013, 2014-2017. and again from 2017-2020 By embedding a rich and creative range of international work into our teaching and learning we hope that pupils start to gain the cultural understanding and skills they need to live and work as global citizens.

The British Council team’s feedback on our application and work for this award was very complimentary:

Your school is an excellent example…Your ability to embed internationalism into clearly defined areas of your curriculum in such an apparently effortless manner clearly demonstrates your commitment to introducing and maintaining excellent practice across the board. Your whole cross-curricular approach to your work and the way you have introduced your activities and global themes are a testimony to the positive difference that engaging with the ISA has had on your curriculum and school ethos. 




International work in our school has included correspondence with penpals in partner schools in Carlepont, France and Piacenza, Italy.  Pupils have enjoyed receiving and sending letters, cards and work from their European friends.  We have also started a link with a school in Uganda.

Older pupils have worked with the musical group Siyaya from Zimbabwe, learning African songs, dance and drumming skills, which culminated in a performance for parents in the summer, at the Wiltshire small schools’ music festival.

During our multi-cultural Art Week, the whole school enjoyed a range of activities linked to the art of Africa, India, Australia, Mexico and North America.  We were pleased to welcome professional artists, No Added Sugar, who helped us to create the art panels hanging in our school entrance.

Another visitor to school was Demi Ladwa, who worked with each class on a range of activities to find out about and celebrate Divali in October.  Pupils particularly enjoyed stick dancing and trying on saris.

John Rolfe, from the British Council, said: ‘The school’s fantastic international work has rightfully earned it this prestigious award. The International School Award is a great chance for schools to demonstrate the important work they’re doing to bring the world into their classrooms.

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