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Have a look at some of the fantastic learning going on at home.

Food chain

Look at this food chain mobile showing the order of the chain!

scavenger hunt

Lucas did a scavenger hunt and look at what he found!! Wow!!

Some wonderful writing by Nathan, Year 5.

Charlie Mason and the parent theif

Chapter 1: The Bully.

Have you ever been tumbling to the core of the Earth? Being chased by a blood thirsty monster who's out to kill you? No? Didn't think so. Well I have. And this is the story how.

I was just your average 13-year-old: going to school, having 2 friends and being late to just about every class I had. And there I was. Tall, skinny, brown haired me. Running down the corridor to get to my science class. And when I walked through the door.   

"Charlie, you're late," shouted my teacher.     

 "Sorry dad," I blurted out, "I mean Mr Mason."           

 "It's okay," replied my dad, "Now, just sit down will you." And so I did, but I hated my seat because sitting right behind me was the school bully- Grace Charles. A tall, plump, blonde haired girl. And when I say tall I mean really tall like taller than most 17-year-olds. So when you have someone like that (who despises you because your first name is too much like their last) sitting behind you, you know there'll be trouble.         

  "Hey Mason, heard it was your birthday," she started, "How old are you 13? Oh look, little baby boy is growing up."                                                     

 "Yeah, he is and I'm glad he's not as ugly as you," I replied.     

  "What did you just say to me skinny boy!" she screamed, "Oh you're getting now!" She stood up, and then I knew I had messed up. She glared down at me with those menacing grey eyes as my dad said, "Grace sit down!"              "In a second," she replied. Here's something important to note, I was very weak, and she was extremely strong. She could beat up almost everyone in the school. Were as I probably wouldn't be able to beat up the smallest students. For some it would be an opportunity to practice; for others (like me) it would be like staring into death. She walked up to the back of my chair and lifted me off the seat.                         

"Grace put him down!" ordered my dad, "Now!"         

  "Fine," obeyed Grace with a smirk. Then, she chucked me across the room and I slammed into a bookshelf demolishing it  . And then, I blacked out.

When I woke up I was in a white room and I was laid on a hospital bed. I assumed I was in a hospital, but then I heard the school bell ring and saw the school nurse walk towards me. She was short, she had a body as if it were a twig and had hair as red as roses. She wore a white lab coat because she loved the lab coats and she'd wear them everywhere. Her excuse?                                                                                 

 "They look like the uniform," she would say.  Then I heard 3 knocks on the door.       

 "Come in," she said in her high-pitched voice. People always called her a little girl because of her short stature an squeaky voice. The door opened and I saw my 2 best friends: Olivia Dimbur and Finley Smith.   

 "Happy B-day Charlie!" Olivia said joyfully, "I saw what Grace did to you, are you okay?"   

  "Yeah," I replied. That was a lie. My head was throbbing and everywhere on my body hurt, but I felt calm in the presence of my friends relaxed even. Olivia looked at me as she twerled her finger through her long, black hair. She had beautiful brown eyes and (just like me) she was being bullied by Grace. And so was Finley. He was the average height for a 13-year-old boy and he had dyed his hair purple. Every year Finley changed his hair colour and this year it was purple hair year.   "Someone's waiting for you," said Finley excitedly. The door crept open and a very tall person steped into the room. My heart skipped a beat.      "Mum!" I squealed with joy, "I thought you weren't coming back for another week!"    "I know but since it's your birthday I convinced them to let me come back early!" replied my mum with a wide grin on her face, "I heard what happened from your father are you okay?"     “Well I’m a thousand times better now that you’re here,” I said with a laugh, “I’m sure that I’m healed enough to get up now.”    “Okay but be careful and hold my hand while you do it,” ordered my mum. Then, I grabbed her hand and she pulled me up. I wobbled around and my world was spinning. But then. Zap! It was as if my mum’s hand had sent something flying through mine.And (as if it were a miracle) my pain stopped and I felt fine and normal again.   “I feel great!” I cheered whilst jumping joyfully.

 “You know what will feel even better,” started my mum, “Coming home and opening your presents!”                          “Okay,” I replied still very joyful, “Bye Olivia, bye Finley see you tommorow!"   

  “Bye!” Finley and Olivia said synchronized.   

 “Enjoy the rest of your birthday Charlie!” said Finley.       “Yeah, have a good time and say hi to your dog for me,” mentioned Olivia.               “And thank you so much Mrs Sampson,” I said in a very thankful voice.          “Anytime,” she replied. Then we left. We met up with my dad and left the building. When all of a sudden, everything went black. I could tell my parents had split up from me because I could hear them calling out my name.    I replied, “Mum, Dad. Where are you!” But the only response I got was them chanting my name. And then I saw it. 2 red eyes taking my mum.

Chapter 2: The Truth.

After that, the sky turned back to normal and I could see everything again. Including my dad running at me, then grabbing me and throwing me into the car. He sped home driving way over the speed limit and when we got to our little old cottage (that was infested with vines) he took me out of the car, ran me into the house, slammed the door shut behind him and locked it.                                                                "Dad what is happening?” I asked extremely worried and scared. But I was not prepared for what he was about to say.                                                            "I’m not your real dad,” he told me. And I almost burst into tears.

         “You’re not?” I said holding back tears, “Who is then?”     

          "I don’t actually know,” he answered, “But I do know what happened to him" 

    “Well,” I said, “What happened?”                                                              

      “The same thing that happened to your mum,” he replied.               

      “What’s your name?” I asked, “I mean your real name.”          

        “Robert Smith,” he answered.                                                                 

    "You’re Finley’s dad," I inferred, “Aren’t you.”                                              

    “That’s me!” he said, “Your mother told me to give you this if she was taken.” Robert took an envelope out of a cupboard and gave it to me.      “A letter!” I realized. I opened it up and read it aloud, “Dear Charlie, if your reading this I’ve been taken. You are an extraordinary being you aren’t a human you are a powerful nature spirit. And so am I and so is your real father. We used to have a leader, but he was killed by an unknown and extremely dangerous spirit.After he died, we put his soul into a new body. And he spoke a prophecy: `Many spirits will have babies and one of those will have my powers, so the child will have all the powers you all have but they will also have my power over thunder and lightning. This child will be the person to defeat the evil spirit that defeated me! `And then. Poof! Him and the body were gone. I know you can find this child and help whoever it is defeat the spirit that has taken me and your father. Love from, your mum.” That was a lot to take in. But then, I got angry. Angry that no one ever told me who my dad and who I really was. Angry that I could have saved my mum. I was very very angry. And because of that anger, suddenly lightning shot from my hands.

End of part one.


VE Day monologue by Sofia.

 What a day! So much happened in one small day, but I’d better tell you from the beginning so it makes sense to you. In the morning, Charlotte fed me a quarter of her breakfast (the last of the bacon) and then she turned the box with the voices on.   I don’t know why humans like these boxes but the tomcat next-door reconds it has something to do with the reason the human food has been, in there words, rationed. Then Charlotte screamed. I don’t know why, but then tomcat and his human came round and asked if charlotte heard the news. Turns out that a war was going on in a place called Europe. I think that’s what they said. Now the war was over and the humans were going to hold a big party. Then charlotte said,    “That must mean the evacuees will come home!” Then she drove off somewhere.                          

Tomcat said that since the humans were all trying to prepare for the party, we could go anywhere we wanted. Tomcats very smart, someone once said he was as smart as paint (whatever that means) so we went off into the street. We saw lots of our friends on the way to where we were going. We started going further into the town and it started to get scary. When I told tomcat I was scared he said, “Don’t worry Flo, I’ll protect you.” Which didn’t make me feel better. He did tell me that we were going back after a dog snapped at us, which was good because the party was starting.

When we got back to the party I was immediately scooped up into some ones arms. It was Grace! She was back from wherever she went! She said that she missed me and she was now 13. How I hoped that only she came back and not her Brother James. But then came a cat’s terror. A six-year-old boy.    He came and promised Grace he was old enough to hold me. Turns out he is now 9 but still, only George and Grace can hold me. Sometimes charlotte but never James.   When Grace passed be gently to James I was surprised. He held me properly and comfortably. Then the piano started playing and everyone went to start dancing. People started dancing and everything was in full swing when suddenly a big truck pulled up! It would’ve squashed me if someone hadn’t come to pet me. I don’t like being petted so I hiss and scatter. Out of the truck came lots of humans. I was just about to walk off to find tomcat when I was picked off the ground. George was back!  He ruffled my ginger tabby fur a little but I was so happy to see him! Everyone started dancing and eating the food which was delicious and tasty!

As the party drew to a close, everyone felt delighted with how it went. The smaller children started feeding the dog scrapes of cold chicken, and the grown-ups started drinking a pale, bubbly liquid. Tomcat said it’s something called prosecco.     Grace was told that she “shan’t drink the bubbly drink for she isn’t old enough”. Instead she drank lemonade with the other not-quite-grown-up-children. I know what lemonade is because Grace let ne drink some when Charlotte wasn’t looking. Grace and her friends could only pretend the lemonade was grown-up drinks. When the party finally ended, all the children were told to get ready for bed and the grown-ups started to tidy away all of the mess of the party. There were lots of scrapes to get so Tomcat, Vesper the Cornish rex and I all teamed together. Vesper and Tomcat chased the dog, Pickle the pug, away from the table while I was pushing down cold chicken and pie and rashers of bacon. We feasted on this scavenged meal. Suddenly, over came Charlotte and Leah (vespers human and friend of charlotte) they would of scowled at us and told us to scram on usual occasions but everyone was full of joy and thankfulness all they did was sigh and said “well it shan’t be wasted now” and left us to eat. We were so happy pickle ate with us. When sleep came it was as lovely as the day. 







An Antarctic Adventure Holiday Brochure! By Sofia


Antarctic Holiday Brochure by Stephen


Well done Jensen.


               Barin’s great adventure by Lydia


    Once upon a time high up on a mountain was a warrior called Barin and his pet wolf called Shadow. They both went on adventures together and had won many battles. It was a stormy night and there was lightning flashing by the mountain they were on. They decided they would climb down the mountain slowly to go an adventure. They could see the Happy forest from the mountain then decided they would go there and explore. It was a bit tricky because there were rocks on the mountain but they made it down safely. “Look there is a rock path over there Barin lets check it out and follow it” said Shadow in his rough voice.

      “Your right Shadow there is a rock path lets go follow it, because it might led us to the happy forest.” Said Barin. They were walking along the rock path it was super muddy because of the rain, and it was slippery like walking on slime. Shadow said “look Barin the sun is coming up.” Barin knew the moment he heard Shadow say the sun is coming up, that shadow would not be able to talk until the next night.

     Barin and Shadow had seen the bright rainbow above the Happy forest, and they had been wanting to go there so they could see which creatures lived there. Shadow had hoped to see some other wolves like him but he had never, and he thought the Happy forest might have some other wolves like him. As they walked along the rock path they saw a dirty lake but they did not go to it because they thought there were no creatures there.

    When they got to the Happy forest they were looking at the trees and they saw that the trees had happy faces on them. “Shadow look the trees have happy faces, maybe we can figure out why, maybe because it’s the Happy forest.” Said Barin. Shadow could not talk so he just whimpered back. They stop and rest on a field of flowers and are silent. Then they heard a noise it was like the trees blowing in the wind, but then when they looked at the trees they were not moving at all. They got up and then they started looking behind trees and one of the trees had a little elf hiding behind it.

      “Please don’t hurt me, who are you stranger?” said the little elf. “I won’t hurt you because you seem harmless and my name is Barin and this is my wolf Shadow.” Said Barin in a friendly voice. “My name is Olivia and nice to meet you Barin.” Said Olivia joyfully. “Olivia do you know why it’s called the Happy forest?”Said Barin. “Its called the Happy forest because the elf’s who live here are happy.”Said Olivia.

    Suddenly there was a purple flash in the sky and Barin, Olivia and Shadow all looked up at it, when Olivia saw it she knew what it was so she hid behind a tree. Barin asked Olivia why she hid behind a tree and what was it in they sky? Olivia explained that it was a dragon was called Terror and it belonged to Mara. Mara was an evil villain who tries to get gold and silver from the unicorns cave, but she hasn’t found where the cave is yet. Then Barin says “We should probably help to keep the unicorns gold safe, Shadow.” Shadow howls in agreement. “I will help too as I have had some training with a bow and arrow. Said Olivia excitedly.

    They all left the Happy forest and followed a muddy path they saw a tower that had a hole in the wall and a big mushroom was beside the tower. The mushroom was half the size of the tower. The sun was starting to go down so they decided to rest under the mushroom for the night to keep them dry if it rained. When the moon was fully up Shadow howled and then started talking to Barin and Olivia. Olivia was really surprised that Shadow could talk and was confused why he didn’t talk in the day, “why didn’t you talk earlier? And how can you talk?” Olivia said in amazement. Shadow said “I didn’t talk earlier because I can talk at night when the moon is up, and a wizard did a spell on me and it went wrong that’s how I can talk at night only.” After a little bit more talking they all went to sleep.

     They were woke up by a loud POW in the tower, the sun was up in the blue sky. Shadow sprang to his paws and Barin and Olivia quickly got up to look around to see what made the unusual noise. “Barin was that door to the tower open last night because I’m a bit frightened now if it wasn’t.” Said Olivia shaking. “Which door? Oh yeah the tower door I didn’t hear you say that, and it wasn’t open last night, maybe there is something or someone inside.” Said Barin bravely. Shadow sneaked in through the door smelling the ground to try to figure out if he could find out what was there. Barin and Olivia tiptoed in to the tower behind Shadow to explore with Shadow. The tower was dark and dusty and in the corners was large cobwebs that looked like a haunted house, they felt scared because they didn’t know what was up the stairs. They all tiptoed carefully up the stairs, the stair case creaked louder the higher they went.

     When they got near the top of the stairs the sun shined bright into the window and filled the room with light. When they got to the top of the stairs they saw big room full of magic objects, in the middle of the room was a table covered in fur. In front of the table was a tall man with a black cape, “Why are you here? This is not your house!” Said the tall man surprised. “We are here because we wanted to make the loud noise that woke us up, and we know it’s not our house” replied Olivia. “It was me who made the noise with my magic, I’m not so great at magic so that’s why my table is covered in fur. I was trying to turn it into a cat. My name is Albus, what is your name?”Said Albus. “My name is Barin this is Olivia and this is my pet wolf Shadow.” Replied Barin. “Shadow can talk at night and it’s amazing!”  Olivia told Albus excitedly. “I tried turning a wolf into a human once, but it didn’t work” said Albus. Then they all looked at the window and they saw Terror with Mara on her back, flying by the tower. They all ran down the stairs and Olivia and Barin both took out their weapons ready to attack.

     When they got outside they looked around to see where Terror and Mara were, Terror was flying around the tower breathing purple fire out of her mouth. Mara spots Barin, Albus, Olivia and Shadow stood outside the tower, “Terror we need to go down, DOWN NOW!” shouted Mara. Terror swoops down to the ground and lands on top of the giant mushroom. Squish, squelch was heard as the mushroom was squashed by Terror. “Where is the unicorns cave with all the gold? If you don’t tell me I will get Terror to breathe fire on you!” Mara demanded. “We won’t tell you Mara and we are not scared of your dragon” said Barin.  “Terror, burn them now!” Mara shouted. Suddenly small flames appeared from Terrors mouth, they got bigger and bigger. Barin, Olivia, Albus and Shadow all ran and hid behind the tower from Terror and decided a plan. Mara was so angry she turned red in the face.

       The three friends and Shadow came up with a fantastic plan to defeat Terror and Mara. Shadow sneaks up behind Terror and bit her tail hard, then Terror turned and stumbled in surprise and Mara fell off her back. As soon as Mara was on the ground Barin and Olivia went near to her. Mara got up on to her feet and Olivia starts to try and get Mara with her bow and arrow but she keeps on missing as Mara moves out the way. Barin dives in with his sword to help Olivia, Mara pulls out her sword from her sword pocket on her back and they battle. Clink, clink, clink, went the swords as they bashed together, Barin swings his sword and he tears a bit of Maras black dress. Mara stops and looks down at her dress, then says “look what you done to my favourite dress!” Then an arrow flies through the sky and lands just in front of her feet, and then she gets madder and calls Terror. But Terror is busy chasing Shadow in circles and doesn’t hear Mara call. Albus steps forward and pulls out his wand, “Get away this young villain, off you go to the Moon, so we won’t see you soon.” Shouted the Albus the wizard as he pointed his wand at Mara. Red flickers of light come out of Albus’s wand, and flew past Barin almost hitting him and landed on the ground in front of Mara. Red smoke appeared where the flickers of light landed, the red smoke grows around Mara and then clears, revealing a rocket which said MARS on it. Barin could see Mara banging on the window “let me out!” she shouted angrily at them.

       Shadow and Terror stop and look at the rocket, just then the rocket fly’s up into space with Mara in it. They all stare at it until they can barely see it, “That’s definitely another spell gone wrong, she was meant to go to the Moon not Mars,” said Albus putting his hand on his face. Olivia turns to look at Terror too check if she was still breathing purple fire, she saw Terror curled up in a ball with her head tucked in, making a sad noise. “Barin what’s wrong with Terror?” said Olivia. Barin said “I don’t know what’s wrong with terror, but it’s good that Mara has gone so she can’t tell Terror what to do, or get the unicorn gold.” Nobody had noticed that the moon had come up, Shadow walked to Terror and said “What’s wrong Terror, I can understand what you are saying?” Terror lifted her head and made some whimpering noises to Shadow. Shadow walks to Barin, Olivia and Albus “guys Terror is sad because she has lost her only friend, and everyone else is scared of her.” Said Shadow.

        Barin walks up to Terror and said “We didn’t know you were Maras friend we thought you were her pet.” Then Olivia came over and said “If you promise to be good we will be your friends and you can come with us on our adventures.” “You can live with me Terror, and I wont do any magic on you because I really like animals!” said Albus excitedly. Terror stood up and started flapping her wings and making noises. “Terror is happy to have so many friends and she says thank you.” Said Shadow then turn to Albus and said “You don’t remember me do you, but you’re the wizard that tried to make me human, that’s how I can speak at night.” “I didn’t think any of my magic worked back then, that was a long time ago.” Said Albus.

      All the friends rest for the night at the wizard’s tower. In the morning they woke up early ready for a busy day travelling to the unicorns cave to tell her she is safe and Mara has gone.  As they started walking down the path, “Its long walk to the unicorn cave, Terror can we go on your back so we can go to the unicorns cave? I can tell you where to go.” Said Olivia. Then Terror started flapping her wings and laid down on the ground so they could all climb on her back. They all climbed on to her scaly back and sat down and held onto her spikes on her back. Terror slowly stood up when everyone said they were ready to go, and flapped her giant purple wings and started to fly.

      They were nearly at the unicorn’s cave, all their hair was blowing in the wind as they flew over Kitty Island, Terrors favourite place. Barin looked down and saw the calm light blue sea it looked like glitter sparking in the sun. “Terror we are here can you land next to the cave please.” Said Olivia. Terror slowly lands with a small bump and everyone starts getting off Terrors back. They all went inside the cave, it was very sparkly with gems.

      A unicorn appears from deep in the cave “Hi Daisy remember me,  I have brought some new friends with me. This is Barin, Shadow the wolf, Albus who is a wizard and Terror. We come with good news.” Said Olivia. Daisy replied “Terror? Is Mara here as well, they can’t have my gold.” “ Hi Daisy, don’t worry Mara has gone to Mars so she wont be back in a very long time, and Terror will never hurt anybody.” Said Barin. Daisy was happy that her gold was safe. “Now I can finally visit Happy forest and see all the daisies, but guys Kitty Island needs your Help. Its all going wrong over there, please help them.” Said Daisy. “Of course we will help, we don’t want anyone hurt, especially the kitty’s because they are helpful.” Said Albus. They all said Goodbye to daisy and climbed on to Terrors back. “Ok Terror we need to go to Kitty Island” Said Olivia. “On to the next adventure!” said Barin



The aboriginal work below is by Bella.  The next four pieces of learning are by Ava-Jayne.

bella1Ava-Jayne3Ava-Jayne 4Ava-Jayne5Ava-Jayne6

Well done everyone. You are all amazing. Keep the fantastic learning coming in. I am very proud of you!! Mrs T xx

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