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Welcome to Owlets

Mrs Dixon is the teacher for Owlets class.  Our class is a mixture of reception and year one children.  All of the children have a natural desire to explore and learn and we aim to support their learning by creating an environment which is engaging, active and appropriate for the children's needs and interests.  Our reception children's stages of learning and development is tracked using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, whilst our year one children's learning and development will be in accordance with the National Curriculum.

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Letters and Sounds

Owlets love phonics! They have lessons everyday where they learn the sounds that letters (and combinations of letters) make. They develop their skills in blending sounds to read words, and segmenting words into sounds to spell them accurately. They also learn about 'tricky words' (such as the, was, he, to) that do not follow the phonetic code.  Once children have mastered words, they quickly move on to reading and writing sentences. 

Please click on the link below to help you with the pronunciation of letter sounds, digraphs and trigraphs we teach at school.


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