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Speaking and Listening

Pupils are given a variety of experiences and activities to develop their confidence and competence in speaking. Listening skills are developed alongside speaking skills, enabling the children to comprehend, follow instructions, assimilate and listen for pleasure.

We ensure pupils have many opportunities to speak in front of an audience eg Services at Church, during assemblies.  We recognise the importance of drama and role play in developing the spoken word and these are used regularly throughout the school.

We have regular theatre companies in to model speaking, listening and performance.

Talk and drama are extremely important tools in the teaching and learning of writing.

It is essential that pupils have opportunities to explore ideas in this way in order for them to produce effective, high quality written work.  Drama is a core part of our English curriculum.  Our Early Years classes have vibrant role play areas which are linked to their learning contexts and changed regularly.  We involve the children in the creation of these.

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